A One Way Ticket???

It was the strangest feeling – buying a one way ticket. The natural tendency is to check the “round trip” box, because you're always coming back.  But not this time…this time it's one way.  And it's a really strange feeling.  Last time I bought a one way ticket was October 2007 when I moved to Chicago.  That time it didn't feel so weird – I was starting a new job in a new city and I knew I'd stay in Chicago for a long time.  LA had been a wonderful experience with many amazing friends and memories, but I was ready to move on.

And I'm ready to move on again now, but in a much different way. This time I'm ready to really shake things up. To put aside all those things that make me comfortable and experience life in a really different way.  In a very light and free way.  I've found that while I really love my friends and life in Chicago, having a mortgage and lots of possessions is starting to weigh on me.  It's driving my decisions and financial choices.  So I want to cut those ties and see what happens when I'm truly free.

Whenever I make a life-changing decision (move to California, start a business, move to Chicago, start another business), I always ask myself “what's the worst case scenario and can I live with it if it happens?”  I figure the worst case scenario with this trip is that I hate being on the road and I crave the stability of a home base. And if that happens, I can come back to Chicago, stay with friends for a bit until I find a place to live and start over again.  As far as worst-case scenarios go, that's not really too bad!! And (in my experience at least), the worst case scenario NEVER happens.

But the best case scenario is really cool…I will meet people I would never have otherwise met. I'll spend time exploring new cities.  I'll catch up with friends I rarely see. I'll finally meet clients I've worked so closely with but never met in person. And I'll make new friends and new clients along the way.  So…at the end of the day…I can't think of a reason NOT to take this trip!

Here's to the “one way” that will actually lead to “many ways.”