The Right Stuff

I'm taking a quick break from packing to jot a note about stuff. As I comb through all my stuff (I didn't think I had THIS much LOL), it strikes me that many of the things we hold onto are not serving us. In fact, I'm realizing that my “stuff” is actually either tethering me to the past or tying me to the future. In essence, keeping me OUT of the present.

Here's what I mean. I've found lots of great momentos – photo albums, journals, cards from friends, tchotchkes from trips. It's been a fun walk down memory lane. I will keep the ones that I find myself drawn to review again, like my journals (I've journaled since 4th grade…very interesting to go back and look at what concerned me at such a young age!) Other things (that bottle opener with the Sydney bridge on it) are going in the give away pile.

In a different realm, I've found many things for the future life that I maybe-one-day-will-have. For example a binder filled with new recipes of snacks to make for the party I'll host with my future boyfriend and all his cool friends. Some of these recipes are almost a decade old! Now…I'm all for preparing for the life you want to live, but at some point it get ridiculous. Especially since I've never stepped back to consider whether it's STILL what I want. Nope, I just held onto it. Just. In. Case.

Teeteering between the old life and future life, I realized neither allow me to be PRESENT. To be here today…enjoying what's real right now. Right in front of me. The experiences and friends and moments I have right now. And that's one reason I'm taking this road trip. To find out what happens when I strip away the life I'm so comfortable in, lose the security and safety of a home base and start getting really present.

Ok…my present self needs to get back to packing and purging!! Drop a comment below and let me know about your “stuff” – is it helping or hindering you???